Hi!  We are Gina, Todd, Kaitlin, Cassidy, and Trevor – an American/Italian family that loves to travel!Paris

We are originally from Southern California, but have been traveling and living abroad for the past 20 years. So far we have moved 15 times, lived in 7 countries, and traveled to 34 countries. We spent 11 years living in Italy – the first 4 years in Rome and the last 7 years in Venice.  We adored our years in Italy and made many fantastic friends and incredible memories!

In September 2013, we packed all of our things into storage in Venice and set off on an indefinite journey around the world! So far we have traveled to 5 continents and visited 73 cities and there is no end in sight!

Since our kids are growing so fast and our oldest had just started high school, we knew that our chances to take a trip like this were running out and it was most likely “now or never.”  So we signed the kids up for an online home school program, said goodbye to our old lives and all the “stuff” that comes along with it, and headed out for a family adventure of a lifetime!


GINA – me! I am the mom of the traveling “circus” and the blog author. I am in love with travel and want to share my passion with my kids and everyone I meet.  I have spent much of my life battling a rare bone disease and found travel dreaming to be a great escape. After losing my left shoulder to bone cancer 5 years ago, I grew more determined than ever to embrace the gift of life, see the world with my kids, and share my story with others – hopefully inspiring them to live their dreams!

Todd - Dad


TODD is the dad of our crew, an avid traveler, a software consultant, and the one who funds all of our travel quests.  He has the great skill of balancing international work projects,a full family schedule, and traveling the world! He is the calm in the occasional storm of family travel adventures!


KAITLIN is 16 and loves to travel, sing, dance, and spend time with her friends in Venice. She loves entertaining, meeting new people, and learning about the world through real-life experiences. She dreams of making a difference in the world and with her determination, kindness, and knowledge at such a young age, I think she will make her dream come true!! Kaitlin has her own travel blog!  Check it out! Travelin’ Kait



CASSIDY is 14 and loves fashion, singing, dancing, and chatting with her friends.  She is funny, energetic, and creative and always makes us laugh. She is sweet and sensitive and is passionate about her family, her friends, and Venice!  Cassidy has her own travel blog too!  Check it out! Cassidy’s Quest



TREVOR is 7 and full of energy!  He loves Legos, Skylanders, and pretty much all toys with super heroes or ninjas.  He is funny and incredibly patient for his age as we drag him to endless sites, restaurants, and shops!  Trevor wanted to be like his sisters, so he has a blog too! Trevor’s Big World.




We believe that whether it’s exploring the city next door or a city across the globe, just take yourself, your kids, anyone and everyone, and go see our world through an EXPLORER’S EYES.  The world is amazing and we don’t want to miss it!!  There is never the “perfect time,” to go, there is only NOW!!

For those who know me, I have wanted to write about our “crazy” lives for years, but kids and life always seemed to take all my time.  So here I go, I am giving it my best shot.  I am not a technology whiz or a professional journalist, I am just a mom who loves to travel and wants to share our story with you.

Since I have so much to share over many years of travel, the blog will be a sprinkling  of current adventures, stories from the past, ideas, advice, inspirations, discoveries, and showing you our true selves.


Your new friends,

Gina, Todd, Kaitlin, Cassidy, and Trevor


Share your thoughts with us!

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